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company policy and continuing education

06 Jan,2013 | Category: Info| Author: JV

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Pharmacy students are always welcome at both our outlets, whether on official internships, or simply for a word of advice. Continuing education forms a vital part of company philosophy, and is integrated into our workpractices. Currently we have a second, third, fourth and Master students in work placements as part of an on-going business and educational relationship. Moreā€¦


student placements

06 Jan,2013 | Category: Info | Author: JV

We are open to student placements, from both local and overseas programmes. We have had great pleasure in hosting our previous guests from a variety of countries, including Poland, Austria, France and most recently Serbia.

In 2011, we had the pleasure of hosting Lisa, Sandra, Pawlina and Reika. These three young ladies were pharmacy students on exchange programs from Austria, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary respectively. In 2012 Marta, Jill, Matt, and Ana joined us for a memorable experience for all concerned.


pharmacy symposium 2012

The Annual Pharmacy Symposium was held at the Aula Magna, Valletta Campus, University of Malta from the 5th to the 9th of March 2011. Final Year students gave their project presentations and third and fourth years provided updates on the progress of theirs; amongst the fourth years was Mark Cardona, now graduated with full honours in pharmaceutical science and following his Master year. Mark is on student placement with is at St Simon Pharmacy. The Master's students also presented their work. Follow this link to the full programme.


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