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[Medicine prices in Malta and their relation to economic indicators] 

15 Aug, 2010 | Category: Info| Author: JV

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This study set out to establish the nature of the relationship between the prices of medicines available for sale in the private retail market in Malta, and the Retail Price Index and the Rate of Inflation, so as to determine whether these prices exhibited the same behaviour as the above-mentioned variables used in the determination of the cost of living.  More…


[Generic medicine prices and their distribution in Malta]

15 Aug, 2010 | Category: Info | Author: JV

The study analysed the composition of the private pharmaceutical retail market in Malta on the basis of the originator or generic status of available medicines. The variation in price of generics over a period of time and discount from originators was also considered. The prices of a sample (n=435) of medicines taken from those granted Market Authorisations in Malta were analysed for an eight year period (2002 to 2009). More…


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