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[generic medicines]

12 Apr, 2010 | Category: Info| Author: JV

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Most members of the public do not have a clear idea of what the term generic constitutes when applied to the context of medicinal products. This short article aims to correct this lack of information, and also provide points on how a Maltese consumer can obtain the therapeutic benefits provided by modern medicines whilst saving on expenditure.


[medicine prices]

12 Apr, 2010 | Category: Info | Author: JV

Recent events have cast a dubious light on the perception of the Maltese pharmacist, most notably a regrettable public attack on the professional integrity and reputation of local pharmacy practitioners by the Medical Association of Malta. The casting of such a shadow on a profession that has long served the public interest in the Maltese Islands is definitely undeserved, and it is the intention of this series of opinion pieces to explain exactly why.

This first article will deal with medicine prices ...


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